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Mass video engagement that works on a personal level, uniquely tailoring messages for each individual.

Ceem™ changes the way brands and companies approach video messaging by incorporating the recipient's details, be they name, location, age, gender or purchasing preferences, and crafting a unique message just for them.

Have the benefit of a 'personal touch' with the efficiency of mass produced content.

Revolutionising video messaging,
one customer at a time.

Putting the person
in personalisation.

Real people means one thing - real credibility

Whilst motion graphics and other automatically generated content are simple ways to connect with a variety of customers, they make a brand or company 'faceless'. Ceem™ allows you to utilise live action video in conjunction with mass personalisation so that each and every recipient recieves a custom video that engages them on a peer to peer level. Person to person.

In today's marketplace, credibility is king.

A complex problem
meets a simple solution.

A plug-and-play approach to revolutionary video technology.

Individually crafted, personalised messages per customer sounds like a daunting task, but Ceem™ gives you the tools to create fresh, engaging content without re-ineventing the wheel. You can use conventional filming and editing techniques to create video segments that Ceem™'s technology stitches together into whole video messages for each and every recipient.

Keep the costs down, but the wow factor sky high.

Ceem™ works on any device.

Our proprietary RDIP™ device selection technology means that no matter who receives your video message, they will be able to watch it, any time, any place.

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